March 11th - March 26th 2017

Renewal. Worcester Visual Art Teacher Show 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 11th, 6-9 pm

Open Gallery: March 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th, 1-4 pm

This year we decided to do something new.

Renewal is described as the process or state of being resumed, extended, or restored.  Join us for an exploration of the dynamic and cyclical relationship between the old and the new.  Renewal is about our work, and ourselves: where we’re from, where we’re going, and who we are. Without further ado, we present you Renewal – a collection of works by art educators of Worcester Public Schools.

Participating Artists:

Keri Anderson
Laurie Atchue
Ben Adwetewa-Badu
Susmita Bando
Jay Benotti
Patti Bernhard Kelly
Megan Bertel
Laura Cahill
Christine Cross
Joe DiGregorio
Margaret Donahue
Kathryn Egnaczak
Lizzie Fortin
Alana Juneau
Susan Kellogg
Darya Karuna
Timmary Leary
Juli Leighton
Stacy Lord
Sharon Mansfield
Laura Marotta
Aime Nemes
Tithya Puch
Ann Rokosky
Ken Salins
Cory Shepherd
Brynnalee Simmons
Jamie Sullivan
Katie Switzer-Walsh
Michael Walden
Fran Warner

This event is free and open to the public. Donations welcome!

April 8th - April 30th 2017

Ron Rosenstock’s Sunday Night Photography Group

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 8th, 6-9 pm

Open Gallery: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm

Closing Reception: Sunday, April 30th, 1-4 pm

The concept of a Sunday Night Group meeting of photographers began with M.I.T. Creative Photography teacher, Minor White. White held monthly meetings for area photographers at his home in Arlington, Massachusetts. Group members shared current work and thoughtfully responded to the photographs of fellow members.

Ron attended these meetings in 1967.  When he moved to the Worcester area in 1970, he continued the tradition by establishing his own Sunday Night Group.

Current group members are working professionals, mostly in areas other than photography. They are brought together by their passion for seeing photographically and their commitment to the craft of photography. They meet monthly at Ron’s studio in Holden.

Participating Artists: 

Karen Clickner
Norm Eggert
Gene Epstein
Paul Goodwin
Anne Hendrickson
James Hunt
Doris O’Keefe
Sue Sedgwick
Joanne Shapiro
Anne Greene
Richard Lapping

This event is free and open to the public. Donations welcome!

May 6th - May 28th 2017

Sensory Play 

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 6th, 6-9 pm

Open Gallery: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4 pm

Closing Reception: Sunday, May 28th, 1-4 pm

The play between our senses can be an extremely powerful tool of engagement. Visual art is often meant solely for our visual pleasure. This exhibition explores the boundaries of our senses, and challenges the audience to engage with art in a physical way. The fine art pieces are meant to be touched and manipulated, adding an entirely new experience for gallery guests. This collaborative show challenges societal perceptions of fine art through fully interactive sculpture and 2D work, inviting guests to touch, manipulate, and absorb all aspects of the artwork in a foreign and exciting way.

Participating Artists:

Stacy Lord
Laura Marotta
Carolann Tebbets
(more artists TBA)

This event is free and open to the public. Donations welcome!

June 3rd - June 25 2017 

Artists of the Blackstone Print Studio

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 3rd, 6-9 pm

July 8th - July 30th 2017

Studio members of SAORI Worcester

August 5th - August 27th 2017

Philip Klausmeyer: Out of the Dunes - a Retrospective

September 2nd - September 24th 2017

Artists: Scott Niemi & Derek Hoffend

October 7th - October 29th 2017

Phantasmagoria -A Group show curated by Aaron White

November 4th - November 26 2017

A group show curated by Bayda Asbridge 

December 2nd - December 24th 2017

John Pagano