The mission of the Sprinkler Factory Gallery is to provide a welcoming venue to nurture and promote the visual and performing arts communities of Central Massachusetts. We host exhibitions twice a month in both Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 that are free and open to the public. These shows are curated, organized, and installed by guest exhibitors. What makes the Sprinkler Factory unique is that our guest exhibitors are encouraged to take ownership of their exhibitions, including inviting other guest artists for group shows, producing promotional materials, organizing the details of opening and closing receptions, open gallery days, and artist talks, and installing and lighting the exhibits. Our exhibitions include individual solo shows, group shows, collectives, guilds, universities and many other associations. Art education and outreach to the creative community is at the core of our mission. By inviting the public to participate in workshops, gallery tours, talks, and special collaborations with other organizations we strive for positive change in the arts community.

With over 6000 square feet of exhibition space and therefore virtually no size limits for sculpture, installations and 2D, the Sprinkler Factory is uniquely capable of offering a massive, centrally located, always free and open to the public, venue for the visual arts in Central Massachusetts. The Sprinkler Factory has also become a venue for various theatrical, musical, and literary groups as well as a venue for showcasing independent film. We are also pleased to have a formal collaborative partnership with 4th Wall Stage Company whose mission is to present live stage theatrical productions which are of enduring interest and which inspire, challenge, and entertain both our artists and our audiences.

As with all exhibitions and special events, visitors enjoy the ambiance of the Sprinkler Factory with its high ceilings, long walls, and ample natural light. Located in the former Rockwood Sprinkler Company building on Harlow Street, the Sprinkler Factory is an excellent venue to appreciate artwork by many artists of a diverse nature. Opening receptions for exhibitions are an opportunity for the public to engage with artists, art enthusiasts and network with the creative community, which often serves as a starting point for future collaborative projects.

The Sprinkler Factory building is also home to a wide range of creative businesses and artist studios used for painting, sculpture, print making, glass, ceramics, jewelry, music, dance, education, multimedia, and much more. The Sprinkler Factory gallery along with the creative community of the Sprinkler Factory are a part of the Artists' Group of the Sprinkler Factory (A.G.S.F.), a nonprofit arts organization.

The Sprinkler Factory in History: